The Center for International Scientific Studies and Collaboration is responsible for supporting the organization of scientific courses and educational workshops, as well as scientific seminars at both regional and international levels.

The goal of this program is to support the networking of international scholars and enabling scientific travel opportunities for young professionals. The center can in principle provide full financial support for organization of top-quality high-profile scientific “meetings” and “conferences” at regional and international levels.




Conference Travel Funds


In line with the CISSC assignments for promoting collaboration between national and international universities and educational and research institutes, and also implementation of the Clause 18, Chapter 2 of Iran’s 5-year development plan, towards expansion of intelligent support for scientific innovators and moreover, paving the ground for their contribution in international science-research convocations, this center as part of its supporting programs, offers financial support for eligible PhD students to participate in international conferences.


Support schemes

The main priority for the center under this scheme is adherence to the above viewpoint and collaboration with one of administrative (executive) centers. Thus, this scheme covers a wide range of scientific courses and research areas, including those priorities mentioned in Chapter 3 of the country’s comprehensive scientific framework determined at three levels of A, B, and C.


 Eligibility and Implementation

  1. The candidate must be a PhD student.
  2. Applicant’s paper must be accepted for oral presentation in an international conference.
  3. Note: If your application was approved, the center will reimburse ticket or registration expenses (or both).
  4. Note: Note that accommodation expenses are not covered by the center.


 The Required Documents

  • One-page overall explanation of how your research and the resulting paper falls into one of the categories specified by the center for addressing problems of one of the ministries, organizations, centers, executive, cultural, service and industry sectors (confirmation should be acquired from the partner center).
  • Completed CISSC application form for participation in the conference.
  • Abstract or full-paper of the accepted paper.
  • Your CV (resume).
  • Invitation letter from the conference for oral presentation of your paper
  • Certificate of registration as PhD student from your Home University


Application Submission

Please use our Tuba systemfor submission of your applications.



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